Welcome to the David Alley family website

Welcome to the David Alley family website. We have gone to China every summer since 2004 teaching in ESL camps to Chinese junior high and high school students. We do this to help improve the students spoken English and to share the Good News with them.

On this site we will be featuring stories, blogs about various things which interest us, and pictures about these trips, places we see, people we meet and commenting on our future vision. As things progress and time permits we will add other areas to the site including media. Come back often and we will try and keep you entertained with the developments.


A little bit about our lives and ministry is: David works in the mission office coordinating three ministry websites, numerous databases for the ministry, and heading up the annual Labor of Love project. Linda has left teaching full time to come to work in the mission office. She also is a head teacher and a camp director in the ESL summer camps in China. Danielle is going into her third year of nursing school; Mary Anne has graduated from high school and is planning on spending the summer in China, and then attending college in NC to major in Culinary Arts.